The RAmazonS3

The RAmazonS3 is a package providing the simplest infrastructure in R for communicating together with the storage server S3 Amazon. The commercial sever enables one to retrieve and store content from any desired machine that is connected to the world wide web. The files that are created can easily be made available for other S3 participants to view or use. A URL can also be created so that non S3 users can view the file as well. In order to access the storage and controlled files within the S3 server, you will need to create a login as well as an AWS secret. Content that is made public does not call for a login/AWS secret combination. The package includes the most common functional operations that are available within the S3 interface - including;

  • adding a file
  • retrieving a file
  • removing a file/bucket
  • finding all files/buckets that belong to a one user/login
  • listing content of a file/bucket
  • renaming a file
  • copying a file
  • access to a file/bucket
  • querying file meta - info