The RGnumeric Package 0.35

This packages includes an R that is allowed to be used as a hookup for the Gnumeic, Gnome spreadsheet app. These R command functions can be registered into the application and flow as if they are stock functions. The functions of R include creation and the manipulation of the spreadsheets cell formations. R is able to change the cells appearance as well as change their content among many other capabilities.

The RGumeric package is still in its beta phase. Although the package is functioning correctly with fluidity they are still experimenting. The creators encourage feedback and suggestions from other users to help develop the package further. A few more perks the package currently includes is GUI extensions and dialogs that coincide with Gnumeric. These perks are helpful when a command line is needed during a S command evaluation. It is a tool that can also be used to manage/control the functions that you have already registered.

R and Excel go hand in hand. The available RDCOM Client and Server programs are used in the connection of R to Excel. These packages are used to aid a user in using R functions in an S language without being familiar with these spreadsheet terms. The RExcel functions by letting the Excel user to continue through these S commands strait to S itself. (This action does require previous knowledge of these systems)

On the contrary, these programs can be useful to experienced S based users. The RGnumeric program uses a model which includes evaluations of S language by letting one use exportation and registration of Gnumeric functions that reveal stings as S commands. This interface is two directional. For example the Gnumeric computer can name the functions of R and then R can access Gnumeric spreadsheets and cells/ worksheets with it. The choice of installing the R or Gnumeric program is up to you, whichever program works better to your convenience.