R/SPlus - Python Interface

These days R/SPlus is used for Python code to call R functions. It also allows R code to not only make Python objects but also call Python functions and methods.

With the help of this interface Python programmers who are unaware of the syntax of R can easily use its functionality. In addition, it enables the users to manipulate data with Pythons tools and then transfer them to R's statistical and graphical tools.

One of its biggest advantages is a rich but easy to use mechanism for passing objects from R to Python and vice versa. Based on the concept of a foreign reference it prevents transferring data that make no sense. Also users of each language can register functions written in that particular language to convert objects in other languages.

Plus it features reflectance data so that users could easily find out information concerning the modules/packages, functions and methods the other system provide. Due to this function the user can automate particular tasks, make the computations seem to be local and substitute various implementations of that functionality, as well as use other inter-system interfaces, including Java, Perl, CORBA, etc.

There are several related packages of inter-system interfaces created to help connect programming languages and applications. They are: the RSplus - CORBA interface, the R/SPlus - Perl interface, the R/SPlus - Java interface, and a Python module for controlling ggobi, a high-dimensional visualization tool.