Using a Content Delivery Network

Dispersing your websites content across various, geographically diverse servers will increase your sites load time from the user's standpoint. Your web severs location and your users proximity has an impact on how fast or slow the pages response time will be.

Distribution of CDN Funds (left) and Single Point Distribution (right) Omegahat

In order to start implementing the geographically divided content, do not begin with an attempt to re create your web page to work with a distribute architecture. Changing the architecture can ruin your web page. It will include pain staking tasks, such as replication your database transactions though out many server locations as well as synchronizing session state. If this is done incorrectly then your content as a whole can have delayed reaction time, or possible never ever load.

Re call that between eighty to ninety percent of end-user response time is accrued while waiting for the pages components to download; style sheets, images, flash, scripts and so on. So, instead of beginning with re creating your web application's architecture, start with dispersing the pages static content. This will not only create a larger reduction in response times, but also make the process easier due to the content delivery networks.

A CND (content delivery network) is a whole collection of distributed servers that are spread out across varying locations to efficiently deliver content to users far out of your web servers proximity. Each server that delivers the content to each user is specifically selected upon the measure of network proximity. For instance, the server chosen to deliver the content will be the server with the least hops or fastest response time.

Larger internet companies are owners of personal CNDs, but for smaller business its is more cost effective to go through a CND service provider. For example, EdgeCast, Akamai Technologies, and Level 3 are all great CND service providers. CND service providers may seem daunting to a new start up company or private web site owner, but once your target consumer base grows world wide then a CND is a necessity in achieving quick response times. The Yahoo corporation has improved their end -user response time with the use of CND by over twenty percent. Through the use of a CND your web sites speed will improve with just a simple change of a code.